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LinkPlus, founded in 1995, is a company operating in the field of information technology. Since its foundation, the company has been distributing Oracle products, expanding its distribution network and increasing its growth potential every passing day. Linkplus has a distributorship with Hitachi, Red Hat, Trend Micro, Splunk, Versa Networks since 2017. It also has a distributorship with MobileIron, PTC, Veritas since 2018. That’s why Linkplus has been growing rapidly.

Value Added Business Model

The main objective of LinkPlus is to provide products and services to it's customers through business partners operating in the field of information technology with the understanding of value-added business model, technical support and consultancy services.

With its knowledge and experience-based pre-sales and after-sales services, LinkPlus provides efficacy with every aspect of the product from the Demo Center to the CcoE, from periodic product maintenance to technical support.

Our company's value-added business model approach has made us a company that delivers financial products and services to customers by delivering new value to them, rather than being a company that carries out financial transactions and holds stocks. In line with this understanding, LinkPlus is expanding its network of distributors day by day and set a pioneer position in the sector.

Development Targets in Global Framework

Successfully attracting attention, Redington Gulf Company has acquired LinkPlus in 2015. After the transfer of shares were completed in 2017, LinkPlus became a member of an international company family.

As the first distributor of Oracle in Turkey, LinkPlus has achieved many successes with its Oracle partnership and has received many awards for these achievements. LinkPlus currently serves in two different locations; Ankara and Istanbul.

LinkPlus is a company founded in 1995 which operates in the field of information technology.

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