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Warning from Trend Micro ; Anticipated Cyber Threats in 2018

Worldwide Leader in cyber security solutions Trend Micro warns corporations and public institutions against cyber threats in 2018! Here is Trend Micro report on cyber attacks that are expected to be anticipated in 2018 ...

According to Trend Micro's report about 2018 cyber attack anticipations, the obligations of Personal Data Protection Act will be at the top of the agenda of companies. On the other hand, with the convergence of information and operational technologies, institutional applications and platforms will face intense manipulation and security gap risks. In addition to this, cybercriminals will continue to use lack of security standards in IoT ecosystem in favor of their own pursuit. Ransomware will continue to be among the most important preferences of cyber attackers in 2018. Many devastating cyber attacks in 2017 originated from security vulnerabilities that could be detected and avoided much earler. Due to the expansion of corporate attack fields and increase in security vulnerabilities accordingly, attacks in this area are expected to increase in 2018 as well.

Systems Against Manipulation Risk

The cyber attackers are expected to head towards Machine Learning next year to create chaos in traditional security systems. The risks in this area will be redefined as Industry 4.0's virtual-physical systems and manufacturing processes become increasingly interconnected and defined in software. It is predicted that the production network, which is prepared to carry out the operational transformation, could be infiltrated by malicious actors seeking to cause operational disruptions and losses through manipulation of the system. On the other hand, Cybercriminals, which actually manipulate digital twin and make it seem as if no changes have been made in the modified production process, will be able to open new income gateways for themselves in their opinion.

Standardization in IoT Industry

Cybercriminals will continue to use IOT world for their own purposes in different ways. The fact that new devices in the market have not been developed in accordance with the required safety regulations and industry standards stands out as the main reason for the potential increase. In the future, unmanned air vehicles, health care devices and sound equipments will be hacked and used by cyber attackers for their own purposes. In 2018, an increase in "bio-hacking" through IOT is also expected. Cyber attackers will carry out attacks through fitness bands, wearable heart monitors, biometric motion sensors, and even cardiac pacemakers , and cause vital problems.

Integrated Security Approach to Full Protection

Having a gold medal in the category of cloud security at the 2017 Global Excellence Awards, Trend Micro commits to provide corporatons full protection with Connected Threat Defense.

With "Connected Threat Defense", Trend Micro offers a multi-layered security approach that enables better and faster detection, analysis, prevention, and action plans for advanced malware and targeted attacks. It also brings more transparency and control to corporate networks. Trend Micro, which gained general approval from industry-leading authorities, started 2018 by taking part in the Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders category as usual .

Award-Winning XGen Technology

Being in Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems leaders category, Trend Micro owes this success to XGen technology. XGen offers Connected Threat Defense to corporations and institutions that can switch between generations with features such as virtual patching and machine learning. In the past year, Trend Micro kept the leading position in the "Gartner Magic Quadrant Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems" category, and in Global Excellence Awards 2017 also won a gold medal in the category of cloud security. According to annual performance results of NSS Labs, Trend Micro's ‘false'positive rate has dropped to 12 per thousand from 1.32 percent, and caught 99.99 percent safety efficiency rate which presents almost a perfect result .

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