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What is the IoT and What is the Most Important for Sectors?

The Internet of Objects, in other words, IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices currently connected to the Internet, collecting and sharing data. Through cheap processors and wireless networks, it's possible to make anything a part of the IoT, just like a phone or an airplane. This is considered to be an important technology that adds artificial intelligence to the devices which combine digital and physical world and provides communication without human involvement.

The Internet of Things (IoT), is one of the technologies we use to connect any device (as long as it has an on / off switch) to the internet and to other devices. IoT is a gigantic network of interconnected devices and people. All of them collect and share data about the environment they use. This contains all kinds of objects. For example, smart microwave ovens have complex sensors that automatically cook your food in the right time. Or autonomous cars and wearable fitness devices can do many things thanks to artificial intelligence. All these are done through the internet of objects.

How Does IoT Work?

Devices and objects with built-in sensors share with applications which create the most important information for specific needs and integrate the data coming from different devices.

For this, all devices have to be connected to the platform of the Internet of Objects. These powerful IoT platforms can pinpoint exactly what information is useful and what can be transferred safely. This feature can be used to identify information patterns, make suggestions, and identify problems that may arise. For example, if you are running a car manufacturing business, you might want to know which components (eg. leather seats or alloy wheels) are most popular. By using the technology of the Internet of Objects you can do these:

 -You can use sensors to determine which areas are most popular in a showroom and where customers are most likely to stay for the longest time. 

- You can look at the available sales data to determine which components are sold the fastest.

- The information gathered by these devices and sensors can also help you to make take decisions that can allow you to save time and money.

For Which Sectors Do IoT Have an Importance?

IoT is important for many industries that are now involved with technology. Many companies that cannot keep up with the rapid transformation of technology cannot catch up the market either. For this reason, if you own a company in the sectors that are mentioned below, you should definitely implement applications that will adapt to the technology of the Internet of Objects. So, for which sectors do IoT matters? Let's talk about that a little bit.


Automobiles connected to the Internet of objects can use the obtained data to have better improvements. The data obtained with IoT improves the new driving experience and provides great contributions to the automotive sector in terms of trade. If you want to integrate next-generation transportation solutions with your company, you should absolutely take advantage of the technology of the internet of objects.


IoT technologies in the energy sector ensure better management of the distribution networks of factories and plants. Thanks to IoT reliability and productivity increase significantly as well. With the Internet of Objects in the energy sector, the levels of services are rising, operating costs are decreasing and the safety of employees is ensured at higher levels.


In the healthcare sector, IoT technologies enable to save time in emergency situations by detecting the condition of patients. Meanwhile at the same time, data analysis is used and artificial intelligence is utilized.

Smart Homes/ Smart Buildings

With IoT technology, the new generation smart building concept reaches the highest level. Thanks to these technologies, better experiences can be provided for the residents. Energy saving can also be achieved when important issues such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning are arranged via the Internet of Objects.

Retailing Sector

It is very important to learn the customer's shopping habits in the retail sector. All of these data can be obtained easily thanks to the technology of the Internet of Objects. In this way, acquiring customer satisfaction with high-level retailing is also becoming simple.

Industrial Processes

It is very simple to manage the industrial processes of the future with the technology of the Internet of Objects. If it is targeted to improve production and manufacturing processes by using industrial computers, robotic processes and man-machine interfaces, it is absolutely necessary to utilize the Internet of Objects technology.

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