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Cem Borhan was Promoted to LinkPlus General Manager

Cem Borhan has been working as General Assistant Manager at LinkPlus, which gained a global identity as a Redington establishment. As of 18 January 2018, he was promoted to General Manager.

The merger with Redington that was finalized in 2016 was a important milestone for LinkPlus in terms of corporate history. With this development, LinkPlus has started taking the necessary steps for a structural redevelopment which is required from a global establishment. The first step taken was the hiring of Cem Borhan, who has extensive knowledge about the distributorship in the sector as well as hands-on experience in technology firms,  as a professional manager. Cem Borhan was responsible for searching for new brands which would operate under LinkPlus’s portfolio and in making agreements with these brands while he was positioned as Assistant General Manager in the years 2016 and 2017. As of January 2018, Cem Borhan was promoted to LinkPlus General Manager.

LinkPlus always had an innovative attitude in its distributorship experience of 25 years which started with a world giant like Oracle. With the value adding distributorship functions, LinkPlus has transformed what it meant to be a traditional distributor in Turkey, and it continues to lead global trends today.

LinkPlus’s product portfolio contains products by world giants which were developed with cutting edge technology.

LinkPlus’s General Manager Cem Borhan describes the  brands that they represent complete each other in such a way that they support the projects that will come to life in the future in Turkey in these words: “With the brands that we are responsible for as their distributor, which will be growing in numbers in the near future,  we aim to create real value for our business partners. I believe that we have gathered the state-of-art solutions and products which combines artificial intelligence and machine learning in such a way that they complete each other without any gaps in between, under the roof of LinkPlus."

About Cem Borhan

Cem Borhan has graduated from Üsküdar American High School, then continued his undergraduate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. After earning his undergraduate degree from Koç University, he pursued his graduate degree in Economy and Finance at Boğaziçi University. He started his career in a large firm that operates in the IT sector and has worked for global producers such as HP and Oracle for over 10 years.

LinkPlus is a company founded in 1995 which operates in the field of information technology.

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