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Hitachi Vantara Strives to Become the Leader of IoT in Turkey with LinkPlus!

LinkPlus will employ an added-value distrubution strategy to promote Hitachi Vantara’s products in the Turkish market; Hitachi Vantara recently integrated IT and OT within their own structure. Having recently housed Hitachi Data Systems, a well-known system in the Turkish IT market, Hitachi Vantara stands out by filling a vital gap in the IoT market with their products and vision.

LinkPlus’ Infrastructure Solutions Unit squad, headed by Cenk Soyluoğlu, has been working to employ an added-value distrubution strategy to popularise Hitachi Data Systems products in the Turkish market. This past September, Hitachi has attained notable progress through their actions within the scope of digital transformation.

Hitachi, having over 900 companies within their structure and being among the leaders in global patenting, announced the establishment of Hitachi Vantara on the 19 of September in 2017; bringing together the operations of Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Insight Group and Pentaho under one roof.

In light of this progress, LinkPlus has positioned itself as the value-added distributor of the recently self-acclaimed digital company Hitachi Vantara so as to permeate a large gap in the Turkish IoT market.

Aiming to become the Global Leader in IoT

Bahadır Öztürk, Hitachi Vantara’s Channel Manager in Turkey, draws attention to an accumulation of knowledge from over 100 years of industrial experience. “Hitachi has over 100 years of experience in the field of Operational Technologies (OT) in areas such as finance, public, production, energy, transportation and healthcare; you name it. It [Hitachi Vantara] also plays a leading role in the transformation of establishments through analytic, content, cloud and infrastructure solutions as part of informatics services provided in the market for over 50 years.

Many global companies may come to mind when we say IT and OT; however, Hitachi Vantara, having merged Hitachi Insight Group and Pentaho under one roof, is the only company in the world that has incorporated IT and OT as such without the need for any external parnerships.”

“Hitachi Vantara Completely Rounds-off the IoT Platform”

The thing that makes Hitachi Vantara so different is the way they have combined their accumulated knowledge in the fields of Information and Operational Technologies. Their command of the newest technologies in factories, production facilities and vertical markets positions Hitachi as a trend-setter in the transition from informatics to IoT.

Bahadır Öztürk identifies themselves to be, “a platform that benefits from the convergence occuring between IoT and information technologies, with industrial technologies,” and adds, “Hitachi Vantara completely rounds-off the IoT platform and acts according to their vision to become the top IoT company in the world by 2022.”

Society 5.0; A Novelty in Turkey

Bahadır Öztürk, Turkey’s Channel Manager for Hitachi Vantara, draws notice to the vital role played by Hitachi Vantara through their collaboration with LinkPlus in the achievement of groundbreaking developments in the Turkish IoT market.  Mr. Öztürk touches on Hitachi’s contribution to many IoT projects across the globe; ranging from public sector to healthcare, and logistics to energy tecnhologies, and how similar needs have emerged in Turkey. He expresses how these needs will be addressed in favour of the general populace resulting in the tranformation of social well-being for the better.

Mr. Öztürk underlines the difficulty in combining the IoT platform under one roof, resulting in an inability to properly portray and understand its properties; and how, with LinkPlus, they will work to better define the concept and take rapid steps to implement its solutions.

“We’ve Always Known that We Were Part of a Much Bigger Picture”

Cenk Soyluoğlu, LinkPlus’ Infrastructure Solutions Unit Manager, has summed up their recent exploits with Hitachi. “Upon signing a disributor agreement for Hitachi Data Systems, we, the Infrastructure Solutions Unit, have in fact become the sole distributor of a substantially recognised data storage solutions product in Turkey. Besides Hitachi Vantara and Hitachi Data Sytems; we have also absorbed a focus in IoT through the merger with Hitachi Insight Group, and the analytical strength through the acquisition of Pentaho in 2015. Thus, a comprehensive structure has been formed that is able to provide integrated solutions in the IoT market.

The establishment of Hitachi Vantara had not yet been announced while we were signing the agreement, but even at that time we had other plans besides data storage solutions and have always known that we were part of a much bigger picture.

Our experience as a value-added distrubutor has always shown us the way to go in choosing the right brand and right partners. We believe, with the strong synergy established with Hitachi Vantara, that we will be a driving force in the added value of the Turkish IoT market.”

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