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LinkPlus Became Turkey Distributor of MobileIron

As LinkPlus welcomes the year 2018, the information technology distributor company added MobileIron to its network of brands. MobileIron, world’s biggest independent mobile software technologies provider, decided to take LinkPlus and its experience to operate in Turkey.

As we all know, modern mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, macOS and Windows 10 bring many new opportunities as well as a variety of complex security threats. Inside traditional PC environments, security becomes something that limits employees’ accessibility to enterprise resources and forces them to operate in a narrower area. But from a new generation technology stand point, using the right security tools and models allow employees to operate more freely.


MobileIron Provides Support for Business Processes

MobileIron Platform is designed to provide security for modern operating systems that exist in a world of complex devices and is integrated into the business unit which operates under the authorization of Onur Demirel at LinkPlus. With MobileIron, security installation does not disrupt the flow of business processes, instead security installation supports the flow of business processes.

LinkPlus Business Unit Head Onur Demirel describes to what kind of needs MobileIron platform could be used as a solution in this quotation; “Companies distribute mobile devices to their employees both on and off the field. For example, an employee that works in a chain store can use tablets to conduct certain procedures or employees on the field can use tablets to process or deliver online orders. Not all of these devices are the same, their model, brand and operating system may vary from company to company. Besides these devices, kiosks that allow self-shopping are also covered by our services. As a result, all of these devices have to be protected and managed in physical, operating system and software dimensions.”

"Mobile and cloud technologies have transformed enterprise computing enabling new levels of productivity. MobileIron has a track record of delivering key innovations for enterprise data security, including data loss prevention (DLP) controls for mobile apps, trusted access to cloud services, optimized data encryption, and multi-factor authentication. With Redington Value as a distributor in the region, we can ensure that enterprise-grade mobile security will be available to resellers across ME," said Peter Machat, Vice President EMEA Central & Middle East, MobileIron.

To sum up, MobileIron provides the physical management, operational management and application management for mobile devices.

How did MobileIron and LinkPlus Meet Up?

MobileIron, following the positive feedback from its global distributor Redington, is following the footsteps into all of the countries where the company operates, thus expanding into a wider field. In 2018 MobileIron, following this pattern, decided to partner up with LinkPlus, a Redington establishment, to allow the company to distribute its products and services.

With this partnership LinkPlus takes over the following responsibilities; establishing MobileIron’s channel infrastructure, the training of business partners, conducting marketing functions with business partners, raising brand awareness and supporting the sales to end users.

New Opportunities for Business Partners

Onur Demirel states that MobileIron, by taking its place in the distributorship network of LinkPlus, is filling a very important space and that MobileIron as a world giant has a significant potential in Turkey. Onur Demirel has also stated that they will evaluate this potential with their business partners and said that “We are planning to work with two different business partners regarding MobileIron. The first ones are the ones that does integrating and integrator partners that offer infrastructure. If the projects that they are conducting has mobile ranges, we as LinkPlus, will support them with technical teams, demo infrastructure, trial licences and pre-sales services. If they decide to receive further specialization training, we will be by their side.The second group of business partners we will continue to move forward with under the coverage of MobileIron are independent software houses called ISV. We believe that employees in these independent software houses that develop applications for mobile devices or  employees that tend to operate with mobile devices will benefit from the services we are ready to offer. It is possible to integrate MobileIron’s solutions into the applications that are being developed. Also we are able to provide a security infrastructure for customers who wish to develop a personal application market-place and offer their applications through that system."

LinkPlus is a company founded in 1995 which operates in the field of information technology.

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