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LinkPlus Becomes the Only Authorized Distributor of Versa Networks in Turkey

With the collaboration by Redington, LinkPlus has been expanding its value-added distributorship concept that it has been successfully doing for many years with different brands. By June 2017, LinkPlus has added the Versa Networks brand, which comes to the fore front with software-defined wide area network projects in USA and Europe.

A Fast Growth Is Predicted

LinkPlus predicts that Versa Networks will grow very rapidly in the Turkish market. Organizations and service providers in Turkey are also familiar with Versa Networks because SDN is a software-defined network concept and a global brand. References from different sectors and service providers started to form immediately with the business collaboration. Thus, the journey of a configuration started with the product orders.

Versa Networks started with the European countries to launch into the world. Many service providers in European countries have used SD-WAN and the software-defined network projects used by their connected products.

LinkPlus, the first and only authorized distributor of Versa Networks in Turkey, is positioning its products under the "Security and Network" Business Unit. LinkPlus Security and Network Business Unit Manager Onur Demirel says that they are closely monitoring Versa Networks, which has gained remarkable success in the US and Europe, and that the country office is actively responding to the search for an authorized distributor in Turkey.

From Versa Networks Point of View

Ahmet Turan Türkgil explains how the software defined networking world has different needs compared to the conventional network understanding that outweighs the physical side and tells how they decided to go out with LinkPlus with the following words: "We want to work with the distributor both in the hardware and software world and in understanding the value- it had to be owned. LinkPlus works with a strong partner network that has strengthened over many years in both worlds. Besides, there's a big financial power behind Redington Group. With the Redington Group, we plan to work not only in Turkey but also in neighboring countries. It was inevitable that we chose LinkPlus when all these features came together. "

Who is Versa Networks?

Versa Networks is an organization founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 that focuses on software-based networking technologies. Its founders are the leading experts in the networking industry. It tales it as a goal to resolve high performance routing processes, beyond the barriers of existing devices, with more flexibility, higher performance, safer and lower cost; that is, to overcome the barriers in communication technologies. Versa Networks is supported by key investors such as Sequoia, Mayfield, Verizon Ventures and Artis Ventures.

LinkPlus is a company founded in 1995 which operates in the field of information technology.

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