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LinkPlus is the New Distributor of Trend Micro

Trend Micro is starting with a new distributor in 2017. LinkPlus, which has been operating in the field of information technology for 22 years and purchased by Redington last year, will be responsible from selling Trend Micro products through its partners' channels and providing technical support, logistics and marketing services for these products.

Speaking about LinkPlus partnership, Trend Micro Mediterranean Countries Channel Director Mehmet Dağdevirentürk said “As Trend Micro, we have taken a very important step towards developing large scale and successful projects on data center security and APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). We are confident that LinkPlus, which combines its extensive IT portfolio and sophisticated channel structure with its experience in the industry, will provide contribution to us in every field. We will achieve great success in our products, especially Deep Security and Deep Discovery.”

Stating that they are excited about the business partnership that they will make with the world brand Trend Micro, LinkPlus Executive Vice President Cem Borhan expresses “The most important value that makes us different in the software sector, which is our main target, is the value-added projects that we present to the brands, distributorships of which we make. With this approach we have put together with our strong network, we aim to play an important role in ensuring that Trend Micro reaches to new markets and different sectors in our country. We will also deliver this target to the top with training, technical support and sales services that we will provide. We will soon be introducing an Oracle Partner Hub-like training center to the Trend Micro channel.”

Among the 2017 targets of the two companies, reaching more customers in Turkey and in the regional market by improving the channel structure has a very important place. Moving towards this goal, Trend Micro and LinkPlus will deliver trainings and events that will emphasize the importance of data security as well as realizing projects for companies of different scales, especially major projects. The Trend Micro and LinkPlus business alliance will greatly contribute to the deployment of security perception, including many different sectors on the market.

LinkPlus is a company founded in 1995 which operates in the field of information technology.

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