Autonomous Database Test Drive
Oracle CCoE

Tueasday, February 5th, 2019
09:30 AM - 05:00 PM
Address: LinkPlus Istanbul, Kısıklı Mah. Hanımseti Sk. No:46, Çamlıca 34692 Üsküdar - İstanbul / Turkey

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Dear Valued Partner,

As a member of the Oracle Partner Network community, and as an Oracle Cloud expert, you are in the best position to deliver an Oracle Cloud Test Drive to your customers!

Oracle has invested in delivering the Autonomous Database and Data Integration Cloud Services and we would like to enable you to show customers how simple - yet powerful - these Services are. We’d like you to showcase their simplicity for the IT and for the non-IT community alike. We’d like you to demonstrate how powerful these Cloud Services are, and how they can help an IT organization take the right steps in transforming for the Digital era.

We believe the best way to do this is to have you show customers how to explore these cloud services, hands-on!

Therefore, we have prepared a Test Drive training event, dedicated to you and a few other key partners, where

bullet you will learn how you can give customers access to the Autonomous Database and Data Integration Cloud Services
bullet our experts will guide you through these Cloud Services, using the Test Drive tools
bullet you will learn how to teach customers browse screens, configure integrations and processes, or develop applications, as part of a guided "touch and learn experience"
bullet in this way, you will learn how to deliver Test Drive events to your customers.

Our Oracle Test Drive experts will deliver a 1-day Test Drive training to your specialists:

bullet Location and Date: LinkPlus offices (Istanbul): February 5th, 2019
bullet Start/end times: (9:00am registration), 9:30am - 5:00pm
bullet Target attendees: your technical specialists who will deliver the Test Drive to your customers
bullet Equipment required: just bring your laptop, and your desire to have a learning and fun Test Drive experience!
bullet What is needed from you, after the training:
bullet your commitment to deliver an ADB+DI Test Drive event to 3 customers in the next month
bullet Please contact by February 1st, 2019, to define the details of these Test Drive training events

Why should you run an Autonomous Database and Data Integration Cloud Test Drive to your customers?

bullet Allow your customers to get a feeling of Oracle’s ADB and DI Cloud Services by "playing" with these services, by following some very basic hands-on labs
bullet Get the various stakeholders in your customers organization excited about the cloud services you are positioning, and build broader support for your deals
bullet This is a pure business development activity and not a training one: while we do not expect that customers will go away knowing all the implementation details, they will get a very good hands-on feeling of Autonomous Database and Data Integration - instead of attending a boring slide presentation
bullet Test Drives have proved to be a very effective demand generation activity, as they build confidence in your customers on the ease of use and the power of these Cloud Services

We look forward to meeting you in these Test Drive training events, dedicated to you!

Best Regards,
Oracle CCoE Team

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Oracle is committed to promoting a corporate culture that is centered on integrity, accountability and ethical business conduct. Please read below for important ethics information regarding this event.

By accepting the complimentary event invitation, you represent that your acceptance of the event invitation and associated gifts and/or benefits to you are: (1) permissible under your employe's internal policies; (2) permissible under the laws of your home country and any other law relevant to your employer; and (3) known to and approved by your employer's management. Oracle reserves the right to limit attendance accordingly and pursuant to Oracle policy.

Please contact with any questions or concerns about this disclosure.

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